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Chesterfield Yarn Mills!

Chesterfield Yarn Mills specializes in the production of a variety of rayon yarns.  We look forward to providing you with a top-quality product and legendary customer service.


The Neisler family, founders of Chesterfield Yarn Mills Inc., are no newcomers to the yarn industry. 

In 1921, C.E. Neisler Sr. formed Neisler Mills in Kings Mountain, NC. Over the years his children expanded the business to seven plants and were innovative in many areas of textiles. . During the next fifty years, Neisler Mills spun or attempted to spin every fiber- natural or man made- that could be acquired, and their weaving was as versatile as any in the industry. 

Neisler Mills continually expanded and branched out, and though some of it’s divisions were sold, Chesterfield Yarn Mills, Inc. remains as the only plant from the original Neisler organization. Located in Pageland, South Carolina, this plant was originally built in 1924 and was acquired by the Neisler family in 1937 and has been in production ever since. To this day it is still operated by the Neisler family.

Product Samples

See a gallery of some of the yarns we offer and learn more about them.

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(VP of Sales)
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David Brigman
(Superintendent of Manufacturing & Mills)
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(Executive Secretary)
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